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Business Cents

Lesson #2- Saving for a

Rainy & Sunny Day

DECEMBER 12, 2019

Being an Entrepreneur means much more than just making money; it's about adding value, creating balance, continuous learning & saving money as well.


I'm an advocate for, "Just b/c you got it, don't mean you gotta spend it."

Saving money also doesn't mean, asking for lower prices with other Entrepreneurs either, that's insulting.


What it does mean in saving:


1. Creating a budget for dining out, entertainment, business development, etc.

2. Using reward cards to stack up on points

3. Using affiliate links for when your friends inquire about where you got something from or what you use you can monetize on that as well. I mean, giving them the resource

4. Not being afraid to tell your friend that you can't attend an event their having, b/c it is not in your budget currently. 


Remember, this is our livelihood. Our way of taking care of our family, our responsibilities, managing our everyday life, and working towards building a legacy for our future.


We can't afford to be discounting our services and products, but we also have to learn to be conservative with what we spend.


Just b/c you got it, don't mean you gotta spend it. Fugg stunting, we talking about building.

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