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Business Cents

Lesson #1- The difference between Hustling vs. A Legitimate Business

OCTOBER 25, 2019

Hustling vs. Business

Hustling 101 ❌:

⚜️You selling selling, manually taking orders
⚜️People have your personal number & can get in touch w/ you @ any given moment
⚜️ Your phone goes off more than a Pager in 1999
⚜️ You have products, but there's no sales tax attached to it, in a state that collects State taxes
⚜️You have sales taking place on Cash App

Business 101 ✅🔐:

⚜️ You're selling from a Website/Landing Page-for products or services
⚜️ When leads inbox inquiring, you can send them a link to site or CRM System
⚜️Your Contact information can be conveyed on your site, Canned Email, or Welcome Kit
⚜️ You're collect taxes, because you indeed report to the IRS b/c your business is legit
⚜️ Your sales takes place and it's recorded for income reporting
⚜️ Your money automatically is being debited into a Business Bank Account

🔐🔐🔐 Let's be intentional & govern yourself accordingly. Set yourself up for success & make progress consistently by creating a plan & working the hell outta that plan.

If you're working backwards & hustling, you're only breaking even b/c it is costing you more time and stress.

Instead, learn how to apply pressure by setting your business up to be legit and to be long standing. It may start as only a small venture, but with a plan it can become as big as you envision it.

Believe in your vision, by investing the necessary time, resources, and tools that will allow it to grow and scale to its maximum potential.

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