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The Vulnerability of 2020

MARCH 18, 2020

Truly, WTH is going on with 2020?


Are we doing a master reset, throwing this year away, or whetttttt? 


Lordy Mercy keep us at bay and not just afloat, peace be still and calm our hearts, and let’s gather ourselves to NOT act in desperation mode. 




I want to use this time of solitude to cover a few topics over the next couple of weeks; ideas to embark intentional thought, to provoke action, and to cease any discomfort you may have of the uncertainty. 


I’m not one that actually listens to the news or watches television, although I will indulge in a series or 2 from time to time, so keeping up with the current times has been slightly overcoming for me. So what I’ve implemented, was allowing myself 5 minutes during the middle of the day to catch a glimpse of my surrounding area condition in regards to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic. Not in the morning, because I don’t want that to influence my day. Not at night either, because I don’t want fear to embed my mind as I prepare to rest. During the middle of the day I listen because I have enough time afterwards to shift my mind and energy back to positive thoughts and away from the riff-raff. 


Trust me, I have ENOUGH direct sources keeping me informed; between my Grandmother who I swear is a news reporter herself, to my own personal medical and healthcare informant, Ms. Bev, my daughter’s Nanna (Grandmother).  So if ever the need arises to take cover and go underground, they’ll let me know pronto. 




I know that businesses small and large are both being impacted; and it hurts! I know, it hurts! As a business owner myself, I’ve been affected. But I’ve also restructured my business to accommodate other corporations during this time; offering Remote Readiness Testing and digital product training.


Now is the time to be creative and position your business to withstand these times. Think about it like this; how can you serve to be impactful to help others transition to a comfortable state?

Let that question guide you in making sure your household is covered and not heavily impacted. 

Until the next blog, take care & be safe.

Your Favorite Business Friend, 


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