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How Becoming a Plant Mommy is Saving Our Lives

Covid-19 Story on WHY I started adopting Plant Babies & such.


Because I ain't really told nobody.

And at this moment I have about 30 of em, but I ain't counting or nothing. boom, check this out:


When Z & I moved from subsidized housing in South Ga, to Atlanta she was

4 years old going on 5. Before she turned 5, I was really deep in study,

on how to:


• Live off the grid

• Change my mental & physical diet

• And create generational wealth & health


Soooo....while in Undergrad school, i made up my mind that we would stop

eating red meat, stop taking western medicine, & I didn't continue with

getting Z vaccinated.


We also minimized television & incorporated obtaining Vitamin D daily,

natural vitamins, & herbal teas.


This was my Personal choice. I talked with her Pediatrician & my doctor who

are Both African Doctors who believe in holistic remedies and supported my

decision in this.


Fast forward 10 years later:


My baby never gets sick, she's strong as an Ox, beautiful skin, and she's

woke woke, lol. We use a lot of natural products and herbal remedies for

aches & things that women go through, but that's pretty much it.


So....when Covid hit, I didn't panic because of her not being a vaccinated kid & her immune system. Instead, I went into research mode and came up with this;


Indoor Plants, my own greenhouse.


My own precautionary measures:


• I do not go out unless absolutely necessary.

• I spray everything down & I ain't letting nobody in our house.

• I don't take Z out ANYWHERE, whereas there's going to be over 10 people.

• We drink our teas daily & vitamins.

• I luv on here extra hard, for her mental well being won't be impacted dramatically.


But my plant babies are helping to keep a purified home and filter out the bad stuff.


As parents, we do what it takes to keep our kids safe no matter the extremities. And our plant babies are helping us do just that. 💖

Please don't be baffled if ya get a Holi

Photo credit: Letitia Oliver our Family Photographer

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